Dear Diary: ADHD & Work

#ADHD is horribly named because most #ADHDers don’t lack attention (i.e., Attention Deficit) so much as struggle to focus our attention on what we need to do. #ADHDLife

Hi, I’m an ADHD Mom, and I’m here to tell you, I don’t have a deficit in attention. I have a deficit in how to freaking USE it.

I Should Be Working

Seriously. I should be working.

But here I am, whipping up a cover graphic and throwing words into WordPress!

Diary of an ADHD Mom sounds kinda cool, doesn’t it? Imagine if I can actually keep up with a post a day?! 

My mind is so going there, but I mainly started this post because I’m taking a figurative sledgehammer to what’s bugging the bejesus out of my brain: I can’t focus!

Everybody has days where they’re not into it. There isn’t a human on the planet that doesn’t space when they’re just not digging the task at hand. That’s normal, whatever “normal” is.

But there’s a fine line between normal and abnormal, and then there’s a giant gap between abnormal and the disorder kind of not normal. ADHD usually sucks us ADHDers into the gap, or at least, that’s how it feels. To me. Maybe I’m just weird.

We’re whisked away to the entry of a giant gaping gap where the start of every rabbit hole possible awaits and they look awesome! Before we know it, we’re the Road Runner zipping through this hole and that until THWING (or however you write the vibrating sound the Road Runner makes when he comes to a halt), something captures our undivided attention, and that’s saying something because we have more divides than a 4,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. 

We are mystified, hypnotized, zombified, absolutely incapable of removing our attention from the thing. We hit hyperfocus, and there we stay, feeling so awesome and Road Runner-like until the task we’re supposed to be focusing on wallops us over the head like the anvil dropping on the Coyote.

Oh, crap. I was supposed to be… Yeah, about that…

Rinse. Repeat.


That’s ADHD.

Before you know it, you’re really feeling the Coyote.

Credit: WiggleGif

Some days, I wish I was neurotypical. I wish I could focus on an important life task without Road Runner-ing through rabbit holes until the anvil falls only to realize I’m the Coyote, chasing Road Runner-like focus, and I keep ending up with the anvil on my head.

Alright. Time to get back to it. Wish me luck!

~ Mom ~


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